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Dear customer,

    You have a chance to become a member of  DIVARI Wine Club.  You will collect points after every purchase of wines in specialized chain of wine shops DIVARI (1,- Sk = 1 point). It will enable you to receive discounts on our assortment, when reaching certain amount of points.

 Club Card Name


 Points to collect

 Varietal  3%  3500
 Reserva  6%  10000
 Family Reserva  10%  20000
 Gran Reserva  15%  35000
 Icon  20%  60000

 The Club Card witht he next level and corresponding discount will be sent to you by post after you have collected the necessary amount of points.

Your advanteges:

• As a member of DIVARI Wine Club you will be receiving via e-mail (if agred) information about new products in our assortment, planned wine tastings and other events organized by DIVARI

• As a member of DIVARI Wine Club you will be able to use better discounts and to take part in special events designed within DIVARI Club

• You will receive special offers based on your tastes

• Owners of club cards „Family Reserva“, „Gran Reserva“ a „Icon“ can take part in wine tastings organized by DIVARI free of charge.

Our rules:

• DIVARI Wine Club cards canbe used only in specialized chane of shops DIVARI s.r.o.

• The points are accounted only for purchased wine

• Discounts are valid only for New World wines (Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand and other), the wines wich DIVARI s.r.o. officially imports to Slovak Republic. There are no discounts on suplimentary goods

• If you have not ourchased any wine in half a year, you outomatically loose the discount.

We are happy to invite you to buy in our chain, where we offer a rich assortment of wines from New Worlds.
We are sure, in our shops you will find, what you are looking for.

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